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Install and Setup

To get started, you have several options.

1. You can use pre-built binaries for your operating system. Go Here: releases section

2. You can install from Go Here: mitre-assistant

3. You can build from source. Follow the instructions below for Building From Source

Building From Source

You will need to have installed the rust stable toolchain, then clone the github repository, then build, like this:

Mitre-Assistant Building From Source

git clone
cd mitre-assistant

Then Build

cargo build --release
cp -v ./target/release/mitre-assistant ~/.cargo/bin

Or if you want to move it to a global env for all users

sudo cp -v ./target/release/mitre-assistant /usr/bin/mitre-assistant

What is a Mitre-Assistant Baseline?

It is a custom JSON file I created for the Mitre-Assistant to use in its representation of data you will query for. Think of it as the backend database used by the program.

Setup Baselines

The Mitre-Assistant is buildt with an ETL concept. The ETL stands for, extract, transform, load.

The primary datasource is provided by The Mitre Corporation's STIX CTI Repo, and from here, you will be able to access each specific matrix type.

The Mitre-Assistant leverages at this time, the enterprise matrix, which is provided by the json file in the matrix.

Finally the Mitre-Assistant allows you to download that file, and upon downloading, it begins to extract/transform/load the data in a custom JSON format I created so it is easier to work with the original STIX Format.

Follow these steps to set up your baselines.

mitre-assistant download -m enterprise
mitre-assistant baseline -m enterprise
ls -la ~/.mitre-assistant/baselines

Setup a Legacy Baseline

The legacy baseline, is the previous version of the Mitre ATT&CK Matrix - V6. This is the version that did not have subtechniques being introduced into the matrix. You can work with that legacy mode by using the commandline options below.

Notice the usage of enterprise-legacy in these steps :)

mitre-assistant download -m enterprise-legacy
mitre-assistant baseline -m enterprise-legacy
ls -la ~/.mitre-assistant/baselines

Updating Baselines

As you download the baselines into your machine, you are essentially working with a snapshot of the CTI Repo for the day you downloaded it.

If, you want to continuously update the local baselines, you must do this yourself. An easy way to achieve this, is by setting up a Windows Task or Linux Cron Job that runs the commands above for you on a continuous basis.

Validating The Install

To ensure everything is working after the steps above, you can now conduct a query, test the export to csv, or export to json, like this.

mitre-assistant search -m enterprise -t "t1210"



mitre-assistant search -m enterprise -t "t1210" -e json


        "id": "attack-pattern--9db0cf3a-a3c9-4012-8268-123b9db6fd82",
        "platform": "linux|windows|macos",
        "tid": "T1210",
        "technique": "Exploitation of Remote Services",
        "tactic": "lateral-movement",
        "datasources": "file-monitoring|process-monitoring|windows-error-reporting",
        "has_subtechniques": false,
        "is_deprecated": false,
        "is_revoked": false,
        "subtechniques": [],
        "count_subtechniques": 0,
        "correlation_adversary": "none",
        "correlation_malware": "none",
        "correlation_tool": "none"
mitre-assistant search -m enterprise -t "t1210" -e csv


1,Active,linux|windows|macos,lateral-movement,T1210,Exploitation of Remote Services,n_a,file-monitoring|process-monitoring|windows-error-reporting